Apologies for this being the “darkest” video on YouTube lol. I shot it after waking up. It seemed bright enough to my newly-awakened eyes.

The point I’m making is really simple: Life brings its own drama. We certainly don’t need to be creating any additional and unnecessary suffering for ourselves or others.

Everyone is going to lose their parents, possibly lose a job, lose money, get their heart broken, experience illness in their family. None of usย escape these things.

So it seems puzzling to me that there people who seem to want to bring extra drama into the lives of others. If you do this, you should go ahead and stop that. Life can be tough enough all by itself.

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And as I stated in a pic I posted on my Instagram recently…“Be kind. No-one likes a buttmunch.”


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P.S. There’s a helpful little article on the TinyBuddha site called, ‘6 Ways to Decrease your Suffering’.

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