“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a man can alter his life by changing his attitudes of mind”. ~ William James.

In this post, I will tell you about the discovery that enabled me to go on and achieve my life goals. Goals in business, fitness, and personal relationships. If ever there was a secret of success to be discovered, this would be it.

I’ll also give you a little morning routine to get you starting each day positively. And lastly, I’ll give you one technique you can use right away to accelerate your success in any area. Sound good?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said this,

“A man is what he thinks all day long”.

A man is what he thinks all day long ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Click To Tweet


Or more simply put …As you think, so shall you be.



Now imagine this: Some guy walks into your house with a bag full of trash and dumps it on your living room floor. What do you do? If you’re like me, you’re not letting that guy leave until he’s cleaned up his mess.


I think this illustrates perfectly the fact that we take more care of our homes than we do our minds. Because every day we allow other people, the TV, the internet, the radio, and other things in our environment to instil negativity in our minds.

This is mental garbage. And it really stinks!

If you indulge in this daily ‘stink-fest’, you can’t reasonably expect to live a happy life (I know. I used to live there too as a younger man).

What you need is…

“A check-up from the neck up to eliminate stinkin’ thinkin’ and avoid hardening of the attitudes”

…as Zig Ziglar used to say quite brilliantly.

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So it should be obvious that if you want a happy and confident life, you need to get rid of old dark, negative habits of thought, and install the good, the powerful, and the positive.



So how can we begin to do this? I really think that morning time is the most important period of the day. Why? Because we tend to go on as we begin.

So here’s what I think you should do: Take control of your day the minute it begins.

This is why I recommend reading a little “script” first thing in the morning in my free 7-day ‘Simple Happiness’ Guide. If you want the full free guide, simply click here to download. Enjoy 😀 If you want to know more about the book, there’s more info here.

Here’s a small excerpt from my book on starting each day positively…

Say this…

“Today I begin a new life, and I am committed to living a positive lifestyle. So from this moment onwards:


  • I clearly understand that yesterday (my whole life up to this point) really did end last night, and that today really is the first day of the rest of my life.
  • I have made friends with my past and am optimistic about my future.
  • I am filled with faith, hope, and love; and live without anger, envy, or thoughts of revenge.
  • I see my work as my opportunity to serve the world and am excited about new and interesting ways to give. The more I give, the more I will receive.
  • I can respond to any hatred or criticism with compassion and forgiveness.
  • I like myself and I am secure in who I am.
  • I extend kindness and warmth to everyone I meet. I try to treat everyone I meet as if they were an old friend.”


“I live a new life now. In this new life I am a friendly, optimistic, kind, conscientious, and intelligent person. I focus on the good in others. I’m a go-giver* and an encourager. I commit myself to a life that is happy, wholesome, warm-hearted, blessed, prospered, and grateful. I will say and do things for others that make them feel loved, worthy, happy, and appreciated.”

[*A go-giver is basically the same as a go-getter, but the go-giver’s focus is on his/her level of service, knowing very well that what they get back is in direct proportion to what they give.]


Dr. Raymond Holliwell in his great little book ‘Working with the Law‘ states the following about why our minds determine our fate. I think it’s powerful…

The progress of the individual is largely determined by his ruling mental state, because the mind is the basic factor and governing power in the entire life of man. Attention should be given to the pre-dominant mental state, for it will regulate the action and direction of all one’s forces, faculties and powers, the sum total of which will inevitably determine many particular experiences and the personal fate.



So this secret about our lives being largely determined by our ruling mental state; how did I apply this in my own life? What we have to do is build up the “mental equivalent” of the things you want to be, do, or have.

Only once a mental equivalent has been established will you have all the necessary motivation, confidence, and tenacity to succeed. Also, the newly-installed mindset will creatively attract the right kind of ideas conducive to achieving your goals.

And one of the easiest ways to do this is to think and act as though it were impossible to fail. If you knew for certain that you couldn’t fail, you’d take massive action without fear. You’d learn from your mistakes, and you’d always, always, always keep moving forward. You simply would not give up knowing that your success is out in the future waiting for you to claim it.

So when I chose my life goals, I found the people who had already achieved what I wanted…and I studied them. Or perhaps you could say, I ‘role-modelled’ them.


  • For my body – I read and studied Mike Mentzer, Arnold, Ellington Darden and many more.
  • For success principles – I studied Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, and too many more to mention
  • For happiness – I studied modern positive psychology, great philosophers like Emerson, James Allen, and some spiritual texts also.

I was then able to build up a mental equivalent of what I wanted to experience tangibly in my world.




The bottom line is this: No matter what it is you want to do or become, the answers already exist.

On that note, I remember telling my daughter recently that she can achieve anything she wants to in life. And I told her that the reason she can do this is because:

(1) Someone else has already done it, and…

(2) They’ve written a book about it.

Get the books. Study them. Apply your new wisdom. Take massive action.


Yes, I suggest that you don’t just read books passively – really study them. Fold pages, highlight passages, take notes, and commit sections to memory.

Here is an example from my own personal library. It’s one of the first personal development books I bought called ‘Psycho-Cybernetics‘ (weird title, great book). And yes, all my books are dog-eared, highlighted, and post-it notes sticking out all over the place.


So, what’s this secret again in a nutshell? I’ll finish with the quote I began with:

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a man can alter his life by changing his attitudes of mind”.


P.S. Did you see my short post on Tuesday? It’s about a Chinese symbol that might just change how you look at your ‘problems’ forever.


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Mark McManus

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