I believe the true and natural state of the human mind is peaceful, contented and happy.

I’m going to demonstrate this with an analogy. I call it “The Ohm’s Law Analogy of Happiness”.

Ohm’s Law basically states that the amount of current flowing through an electrical circuit depends on the amount of resistance present. The higher the resistance, the less the current.

I believe that a feeling of “aliveness” and happiness is already present in each of us ready to flow through you, but you are pinching it off through resistance.

Here’s another illustration. It’s like having your foot on the hose and wondering why the water isn’t coming out the other end. The water is on. It’s there. But you are blocking it.

This guy could be happy if he'd just take his foot off the hose

This guy could be happy if he’d just take his foot off the hose


So what’s the “resistance” when it comes to happiness? What is the equivalent of having your foot on the hose?

Resistance is:

  • Greed
  • Envy/jealousy
  • Anger
  • Unforgiveness
  • Selfish desire/Ego
  • Worry/Anxiety
  • Lying/Deceit

You get the picture? Ok, one last parallel before I go…

Have you ever been on a hot air balloon? Before the ride, the balloon is kept anchored to the ground with weights. In order for the balloon to rise, the weights just need to be taken away.

Freeing yourself from the weight of resentment, anger, envy, greed and so on will allow you to experience your own natural happiness and peace of mind.

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